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Wrought Iron Outdoor Furniture in Cottage Gardens

2 May 2011 No Comment

Cottage Garden Furniture

Cottage Garden Furniture

Cottage style garden furniture has many looks. It is meant to create a cozy, comfortable and inviting outdoor living setting.

Popular outdoor furniture.

Wrought iron has been one of the most popular forms of outdoor furniture since the 1930s. The origins or wrought iron began much earlier in 13th Century England and France. Wrought iron pieces last through generations even though the style do change. There are many companies, including Woodard Furniture, who offer new or even replica versions, but collecting older pieces to mix in is very popular as well.

Original wrought iron
The original wrought iron outdoor pieces were created for those who lived in New England. Able to withstand the elements, they were pieces that could be left out year round and a simple new coat of paint made them all fresh again. Today, they are used everywhere and offer one of the most sustainable types of outdoor decor.

Heavy outdoor garden furniture
Wrought iron is one of the heaviest types of outdoor cottage garden furniture and it’s from that weight that part of its durability comes. Earlier pieces were cast to be very thick while newer woven methods allow a lighter weight. This weight is especially valuable for those who live in areas prone to storms and strong winds.

Style variations of wrought iron furniture
There are many companies who offer variations on styles of wrought iron furniture, but since it tends to last so long, mixing in collectible pieces is a big trend these days. Core items like tables and chairs may be new, but seeking out more unusual occasional pieces makes it fun for antique shoppers.

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Cottage Garden Furniture
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