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The New Outdoor Furniture Fabrics

15 May 2011 No Comment

Patio Set Fabric

The new outdoor furniture fabrics

Just a few years ago, most outdoor fabrics were scratchy and rough. They were meant to withstand weather’s harshness more than feeling good against the skin.

Sunbrella fabrics changed both the way outdoor fabrics look as well as the way they feel.

Varied colors and patterns
The demand for higher quality fabrics for cottage garden and patio furniture took years to see results. Traditional colors were limited to solids or stripes with very little imagination. Today, the fabrics made by Sunbrella are varied and come in patterns and colors that are even finding their way indoors as well.

The weave is different
Originally, outdoor fabrics were constructed of all nylon or other synthetics and made with a loose weave so water would dry quickly. Today’s fabrics have eliminated the need to even use Scotch Guard protection. Kevlar or teflon is woven into the fabric allowing for an ultimate product that is much more like fine, indoor fabrics.

Fabric with built-in sunscreen
The benefits of Sunbrella are many. Vibrant colors and patterns are unaffected by sun. Even the old nylon fabrics would eventually fade but there is no longer that worry with these new ones. The fabric has a built-in sunscreen so expect years of no change in the color.

Durability assured
The fabrics also withstand the worst of stains. A little soapy water and a towel will remove almost any soil including wine or chocolate. For the family with children or dogs, there’s never a need to sacrifice beauty for durability either.

Changes to manufactured outdoor fabrics
These new changes in the way outdoor fabrics are manufactured are creating a variety of uses for them. From indoor drapery to standard furniture upholstery, Sunbrella is rapidly becoming a go to source for decorators. Its durability is unsurpassed as are the variations in weaves and colors. It is not unusual to see it used for high-end upholstery either indoors or out.

Refined fabrics
For interior designers or the cottage homeowner, who wants to link their indoor and outdoor areas, it has been made all the easier with such refined fabrics. Because the fabric can be used anywhere, the line of interior and exterior can now easily become a blur. There’s no longer such a distinction in designing specifically for these two types of living. The fabric becomes a great unifier of space and design, and follows today’s trend of extending the living area to the outdoors.

Consistent new fabrics
Sunbrella continues to introduce new fabrics on a consistent basis. They also continue to introduce new facets of durability too. This means that larger and larger ranges can be found in both fabric by the yard and furniture that is non-custom. For the consumer, it means more choices with longer warranties too.

Different levels of protection
There are variations in Sunbrella fabrics. The differences in added repellency is notable but is easily detected through the way the fabrics are numbered. It pays to do some research about the different levels of protection when shopping for the best option for a home project. It is also wise to beware of seconds from mills or cut-rate versions. The fabrics may not contain everything needed to make it a lasting addition to your outdoor area.

About the Author: Gabriel Meriwether writes about patio furniture and patio dining sets and provides valuable information about purchasing garden furniture.
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