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Add Items to Your Cottage Home by Collecting Wrought Iron Outdoor Furniture

6 May 2010 No Comment

Collect Wrought Iron Cottage FurnitureThe original wrought iron outdoor pieces were created for those who lived in New England.

Early origins of wrought iron
Since the 1930s wrought iron has been one of the most popular forms of outdoor furniture. But its origins began much earlier in 13th Century England and France. While the styles change, these pieces last and last. There are many companies who offer new or even replica versions, but collecting older pieces to mix in is very popular as well.

Sustainable outdoor decor
The original wrought iron outdoor pieces were created for those who lived in New England. Able to withstand the elements, they were pieces that could be left out year round and a simple new coat of paint made them all fresh again. Today, they are used everywhere and offer one of the most sustainable types of outdoor decor.

Newer woven wrought iron
Wrought iron is one of the heaviest types of outdoor furniture and it is from that weight that part of its durability comes. Earlier pieces were cast to be very thick while newer woven methods allow a lighter weight. This weight is especially valuable for those who live in areas prone to storms and strong winds.

There are many companies who offer variations on styles of wrought iron furniture, but since it tends to last so long, mixing in collectible pieces is a big trend these days. Core items like tables and chairs may be new, but seeking out more unusual occasional pieces makes it fun for antique shoppers.

Bargains at estate sales
Seeking unique pieces like chaise lounges, sofa-sized gliders or tea carts, which may no longer be made, are fantastic finds. They also add an element of surprise and interest in any outdoor furniture setting. The more unique, the higher the price may be, but there are always bargains at tag or estate sales.

Plant stands and lamps
Bistro tables and chairs have been popular for years, and can often be found in junk shops as well as antique centers. The same is true for items such as plant holders, stands and even lamps. All it takes to integrate them into an existing decor is a coat of paint to match.

Shopping for collectible wrought iron pieces
In shopping for collectible pieces, bear in mind that many great finds will need little more than a wire brushing and a coat of paint. A table that is missing a glass top can easily be remedied with a call to a glass shop. Chairs can be outfitted with new cushions adding instant comfort and value to them too. A coat of paint will give a fresh new look to the piece.

Differences between cast iron and wrought iron
There is a vast difference between cast iron and wrought iron. Cast pieces were made in moulds and tend toward the ornate. Wrought iron is forged and usually much simpler in design. It is just as durable as cast iron.

Can be added to any outdoor area
Collecting older wrought iron is not only fun but items like grills, grates and architectural elements can be incorporated into an outdoor area. Not only are they an element of surprise at times, but also very beautiful as art objects too.

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